Dear Students GSEB HSC 12th New Syllabus Textbooks 2019 – 2020 Download Free Textbook for Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board
Board Exam Syllabi PDF in Online. Gujarat Education Department Announced Gujarat 12th Exam New Syllabus for Mathematics, Sociology, Physics, Political Science, Psychology, Accountancy, Biotechnology, Biology, Computer Science, Economics, English Core, English Elective, Functional English, Entrepreneurship, Geography, Chemistry, History, Fashion Studies, Home Science mentioned below the page. Are you searching for Gujarat 12 / HSC Exam New Update Syllabus for PDF or eBooks available below the page. We are provided GSEB or Gujarat Board 1st, 2nd,3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th 11th, 12th Exam New Revised Syllabus or Exam Pattern also attached PDF files download Online. Gujarat Board 12th Textbooks download Procedure get following the page. now, the Gujarat board 12th Study Material is collected from online, students are not compulsory to carry their books for preparation.


GSEB SSC / 10th New Syllabus 2020 – Get Here

Released for Gujarat 12th Latest New Syllabus 2019 – 20

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About Gujarat Board Education Department 2019 – 20

Education is the process by which a society transmits its accumulated knowledge skills and values from one generation to another. Education must provide the means and opportunities to enhance the childs creative expression and the capacity for aesthetic appreciation. Education gives knowledge about the world around us. It makes children capable of interpreting things in the right perspective.

To achieve universalisation of education at both elementary and secondary levels by providing burden less quality education through joyful learning and to provide basic infrastructure coupled with safety and security for the well being of the children.

Note: The candidate should not bring any other paper except the e-Admission Certificate and original valid identity proof to the Examination Hall. The candidate may bring his/her own Clip Board or Hard Board or Card Board on which nothing should be written and a good quality Black/Blue Ball Point Pen.

Gujarat board 12th Syllabus

GSEB 12th New Syllabus 2019 – 20 Download Gujarat HSC Syllabus PDF in Online Textbook

Exam Board – Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board

Sections – 12th / HSC

Category – Syllabus or Textbook

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Exam Date – Update Soon

GSEB 12th Syllabus / Gujarat Board HSC Subject 2019 Textbook

Dear Candidates our blog mentioned your Written Test Syllabus for Subject wise also provided home page get read our website take your written examination details. Are you interesting for this examination conducted soon as possible from online / written examination centre.

GSEB HSC/12th Syllabus 2020 of Science/Commerce/Arts

Subject NameDownload Link
MathematicsClick Here
Political ScienceClick Here
PsychologyClick Here
AccountancyClick Here
BiotechnologyClick Here
BiologyClick Here
Computer ScienceClick Here
EconomicsClick Here
English ElectiveClick Here
EntrepreneurshipClick Here
GeographyClick Here
HistoryClick Here
Fashion StudiesClick Here
Home ScienceClick Here

The Gujarat Board conducts the SSC board and HSC board examination for class 10 and class 12 to scrutinize the knowledge and academic progress of students. On the basis of Gujarat Board SSC/HSC Exams, exam authority promotes candidates to a higher level. Gujarat Board will conduct the class 12 Board examination 2019 for Science stream from March 7, 2019. General stream including Commerce and Humanities will be conducted between March 7 to March 23, 2019.

GSEB 12th Exam Pattern for Mathematics paper 


Number of questions

Marks per question

Total marks for the section





B – Short Answer
















Total marks- 100

Exam pattern of GSEB 12th for Biology paper


Number of questions

Marks per question

Total marks for the section





B – Short Answer
















Total marks – 100

GSEB 12th Exam Pattern for Physics paper


Number of questions

Marks per question

Total marks for the section

















Total marks- 100

Important Details for Gujarat Board Exam 2019 Syllabus Tips

Note: Entry in the Compound of the Examination Centre with Mobile/Cell Phones, Tablets, Laptop, Electronic Gadgets etc., is strictly prohibited. A Candidate who is found breaching the abovesaid direction or found to be indulging in ‘unfair practices’, viz. copying or misconduct during the course of examination, using electronic gadgets or Mobile Phones, etc., tampering with Question and/or Answer Paper, influencing any person concerned with the Elimination Test or Written Examination or Viva-voce Test, will be debarred from appearing for Preliminary Examination (Elimination Test) or Main Written Examination or Viva-voce Test, as the case may be, for that Examination Process or for any number of years or permanently.

GSEB HSC 2020 Syllabus for PDF Download

Solving past years’ question papers helps to ace the exam. It will enable the students to score good marks in the exam. Students are advised to complete the GSEB 12th Syllabus 2019 before starting to solve the question papers of GSEB 12th. These will also benefit the student to know the exam paper pattern, helps in self-analysis, increasing speed and time management skills for the actual exam day.

GSEB HSC/12th Syllabus 2020 List

  • Mathematics
  • Sociology
  • Physics
  • Political Science
  • Psychology
  • Accountancy
  • Biotechnology
  • Biology
  • Computer Science
  • Economics
  • English Core
  • English Elective
  • Functional English
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Geography
  • Chemistry
  • History
  • Fashion Studies
  • Home Science

GSEB Syllabus for Physics:

Unit 1: Static Electricity

Unit 2: Current Electricity

Unit 3: Magnetic effects of electric current and magnetism.

Unit 4: Electromagnetic induction and alternating current(a.c.)

Unit 5: Electromagnetic waves

Unit 6: Optics

Unit 7: Atom and nucleus

Unit 8: Radiation & Dual Nature of Matter

Unit 9: Semiconductor Devices

Unit 10: Communication System

GSEB Exam Syllabus for Maths:

Unit-1: Relations and Functions

Unit-2: Algebra

Unit-3: Calculus

Unit-4: Vectors and Three-Dimensional Geometry

Unit-5: Linear Programming

Unit-6: Probability

GSEB Syllabus for Sociology:

A. Introducing Sociology Marks

Unit 1: Society & Sociology and Relationship with other social sciences

Unit 2: Basic Concepts

Unit 3: Social Institutions

Unit 4: Culture and Society

Unit 5: Practical Sociology: Methods & Techniques

B. Understanding Society

Unit 6: Structure, Process and Stratification

Unit 7: Social Change

Unit 8: Environment and Society

Unit 9: Western Social Thinkers

Unit 10: Indian Sociologists

Gujarat 12th Board Syllabus for Biotechnology:

Unit 1: Protein and Gene Manipulation

Chapter I: Protein Structure and Engineering

Chapter II: Recombinant DNA Technology

Chapter III: Genomics and Bioinformatics 10 Marks

Unit II: Cell Culture Technology

Chapter I: Microbial Culture and Applications

Chapter II: Plant Cell Culture and Applications 10 Marks

Chapter III: Animal Cell Culture and Applications 10 Marks

Gujarat Board 12th Class Syllabus for Biology:

Unit 1: Physiology of Plants

Unit 2: Physiology of Animals

Unit 3: Reproduction, Growth and Development

Unit 4: Ecology and Environment

Unit 5: Biology and Human Welfare

Gujarat Board 12th Syllabus for Computer Science:

Unit 1: Programming In C++

Unit 2: Data Structures

Unit 3: Databases and Sql

Unit 4: Boolean Logic

Unit 5: Communication and Open Source Concepts

Gujarat Board Syllabus for Psychology:

Unit 1: Intelligence

Unit 2: Ego and Personality

Unit 3: Group Process and Social Effects

Unit 4: Psychological Trends and Social

Unit 5: Coping With Challenges

Unit 6: Mental………..

Unit 7: Approaches towards Treatment

Unit 8: Environment and Behavior

Unit 9: Institutional Psychology or Organizational Psychology

Unit 10: Psychology and Social Problems

Unit 11: Necessary Skills to Be A Successful Psychologist

Unit 12: Statistics in Psychology Semester 3 And 4 Practical

5 Experiments to be done on the basis of chapters like intelligence, personality, Aptitude, Adjustment, Attitude, Self concept, Anxiety

Gujarat Board Syllabus for Accountancy:

Unit 1: Partnership Accounts

Unit 2: Reconstruction of Partnership – (Changes In Partnership)

Unit 3: Dissolution of Partnership Firm

Unit 4: Share Capital Transaction

Unit 5: Accounting For Debentures

Unit 6: Analysis of Financial Statements

Unit 7: Deshi Nama System

Gujarat Board Business Studies Syllabus:

Part A: Principles and Functions of Management

Unit I: Nature and significance of Management

Unit 2: Principles of Management

Unit 3: Business Environment

Unit 4: Planning

Unit 5: Organising

Unit 6: Staffing

Unit 7: Directing

Unit 8: Controlling

Part B: Business Finance and Marketing

Unit 9: Financial Management

Unit 10: Financial Markets

Unit 11: Marketing Management

Unit 12: Consumer Protection

Economics Syllabus:

PART – 1 (1) Micro Economies

  • Economic Problem
  • Demand
  • Elasticity of Demand
  • Attitude of Producers & Supply –
  • Law of supply.
  • Concept of production Cost.
  • Determination of cost of production

Part-II (02) Macro Economics

  • Macro economics
  • National Income (NI)
  • Measurement of National Income & Related Studies.
  • Income & Employment determination
  • Finance (money) & Banking

English Core Syllabus:

  • Reading an unseen passage and poem
  • Writing
  • Applied Grammar
  • Texts for detailed study
  • Fiction

Functional English:

  • Section A Advanced Reading Skills
  • Section B Effective Writing Skills
  • Section C Applied Grammar
  • Section D Literature

Entrepreneurship Syllabus:

Unit I: Entrepreneurial Opportunities and Enterprise Creation

Unit II: Enterprise Planning and Resourcing

Unit III: Enterprise Management

Political Science Syllabus:

  • Cold War Era in World Politics
  • Disintegration of the ‘Second World’ and the Collapse of Bipolarity.
  • US Dominance in World Politics:
  • Alternative Centres of Economic and Political Power
  • South Asia in the Post-Cold War Era
  • International Organizations in a unipolar World
  • Security in Contemporary World:
  • Environment and Natural Resources in Global Politics
  • Globalization and Its Critics

Part B: Politics of India Since Independence

  • Nation-Building and Its Problems:
  • Era of One-Party Dominance:
  • Politics of Planned Development
  • India’s External Relations
  • Challenge to and Restoration of Congress System
  • Crisis of the Constitutional Order:
  • Regional Aspirations and Conflicts
  • Rise of New Social Movements
  • Recent Developments in Indian politics

Practical’s (List of Experiments) for Biotechnology:

  • Isolation of bacterial plasmid DNA and its detection by gel electrophoresis
  • Restriction digestion of plasmid DNA and its analysis by gel electrophoresis
  • Bacterial transformation using any plasmid
  • Data retrival and data base search using internet site NCBI
  • Download a DNA and protein sequence from internet, analyse and comment on it.
  • Cell viability assay (using Evans blue Stain)
  • Determination of blood groups.
  • Estimation of DNA
  • Ion-exchange chromatography for proteins.
  • Reading of DNA sequencing gel and arrive at the sequence.
  • Estimation of blood glucuse by enzymatic method (GOD/POD)
  • Project work

GSEB 12 / HSC Exam Syllabus or Gujarat Board 12 Textbook Download 2019-20

The official of Gujarat Education Department has prescribed and renewal the GSEB 12th Std Textbooks as New Syllabus released at online mode, As per the public exam result analysis, many students got centum marks by studying Gujarat Board 12 books. In order to high quality for HSC education the 12 books are revised to improve the standards.

So, these upcoming years all the students must study hard with new Gujarat Board 12th New Book 2019 to 2020 and try to get centum mark. we collected all the official published Tamil Nadu School Books and update in our page. The exam pattern of GSEB HSC 2019 is prescribed by GSEB for arts, science and commerce. Students must go through the Gujarat Board 12th class exam pattern 2019 as it helps in getting familiar with the number and type of questions asked and the marking scheme of exam paper

New Syllabus – Gujarati Medium

STD.12 Sociology(Samajshashtra) GUJARATI MEDIUM


STD.12 Hindi Secondary Language GUJARATI MEDIUM

STD.12 Elements of Book Keeping and Accountancy Part-1 GUJARATI MEDIUM

STD.12 Organization of Commerce and Management GUJARATI MEDIUM

STD.12 Commercial Correspondence and Secretarial Practice GUJARATI MEDIUM

STD.12 Statistics Part-1 GUJARATI MEDIUM

STD.12 Statistics Part-2 GUJARATI MEDIUM 




Std-12 Philosophy (Tatvagyan) GUJARATI MEDIUM


Std-12 Yoga, Health and Physical Education GUJARATI MEDIUM 

Std-12 English Second Language GUJARATI MEDIUM 

Std-12 Sangeet Kanthya Ane Swar Vadya GUJARATI MEDIUM

Std-12 Sangeet Tabala GUJARATI MEDIUM

Std-12 Chitrakala GUJARATI MEDIUM 

Std-12 Political Science GUJARATI MEDIUM

Std-12 Hindi Second Language GUJARATI MEDIUM


Std-12 GUJARATI Second Language

New Syllabus – English Medium

Std-12 Elements of Book Keeping and Accountancy Part-1 ENGLISH MEDIUM

Std-12 Political Science (Rajyashashtra) ENGLISH MEDIUM

Std-12 Statistics Part-1 ENGLISH MEDIUM

Std-12 Statistics Part-2 ENGLISH MEDIUM

Std-12 Commercial Organization and Management ENGLISH MEDIUM 

Std-12 Commercial Correspondence and Secretarial Practice ENGLISH MEDIUM

Std-12 English First Language ENGLISH MEDIUM

Std-12 Psychology(Manovigyan) ENGLISH MEDIUM

Std-12 Economics ENGLISH MEDIUM

Std-12 Geography ENGLISH MEDIUM 

Std-12 Yoga, Health and Physical Education ENGLISH MEDIUM

Std-12 Sociology ENGLISH MEDIUM

Std-12 Sanskrit ENGLISH MEDIUM

Syllabus for Gujarata Board 12 / HSC 2019-20 Online Textbook

The Gujarat Board 12 / HSC Candidate should hand over the Textbook Answer Sheet personally to the Invigilator on duty before he/she leaves the Examination Hall. No candidate shall be allowed to go to Toilet / Urinal during the last 30 minutes of Tamil Nadu 12th  Examination. No candidate will be admitted to the Examination Hall 20 minutes after commencement of the examination. The candidate will be admitted to take the Tamil Nadu 12th examination at the Centre specified in the Admission Certificate only and at no other Centre.

Gujarat Board 12th / HSC 2019 Exam Syllabus or Textbook Download Procedure

First go to official site

Then followed instruction and get details

Search your recruitment page or examination details

Then Finally show on your Examination Textbook Download Button

Get Gujarat Board 12th Exam New Syllabus for Online Download and Take the Print safely


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