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Dear Applied Candidates UKPSC Mines Inspector Syllabus and Exam Pattern 2021 Download PDF in Geology and Mining Unit Previous Year Question Papers available below the page. Get Latest UKPSC Mines Inspector Exam Date and Exam centre will be released soon at online. Are you searching for UKPSC Mines Inspector Selection process, UKPSC Mines Inspector Eligibility and UKPSC Mines Inspector Document verification and etc. UKPSC Mines Inspector Preparation Tips and Study Materials and etc. Those who had applied can check out the complete Syllabus, Exam Pattern and Previous Papers for your better preparation. Soon the authority will conduct the Written Test at various examination centers we will intimate the contenders for up to date information about UKPSC Mines Inspector Syllabus and Exam Date


UKPSC Mines Inspector Previous Papers

UKPSC Mines Inspector 2021 Syllabus and Exam Pattern for PDF

UKPSC Mines Inspector Written exam will contain Objective type Questions from different Subjects. Here we are giving related topics from which the questions may be asked in the UKPSC Mines Inspector Written Exam. Here you can also check the Topics that will be Covered in Mains Exam. Those subjects are mentioned below. UKPSC Mines Inspector will cover all these subjects in the exam. To assist the candidates we have updated this page with the official UKPSC Mines Inspector Syllabus 2021. So, candidates go through the last section of this page and download the UKPSC Mines Inspector Exam Syllabus 2021 easily.

UKPSC Mines Inspector 2021 Preparation Tips

Job Seekers are you searching for UKPSC Mines Inspector Examination Syllabus for Subject Wise get insert our page. Latest released UKPSC Mines Inspector Examination (Various Vacancies) many people applied from official last date for 2021. So get Written Examination Preparation Tips or Study Books available below the page. UKPSC Mines Inspector Previous Papers UKPSC Mines Inspector Model Examination Details UKPSC Mines Inspector Old Exam Papers for PDF UKPSC Mines Inspector Written Test Information and etc. We are mentioned UKPSC Mines Inspector Selection Process, and Sample Papers for PDF provided below the page. Applicants who are applied get for more details check at under the page.

Scheme of Examination

The UKPSC Mines Inspector will be selected on the basis of performance in the written/online test and no interview will be conducted.

The UKPSC Mines Inspector Exam Will be Written Objective Type.

The UKPSC Mines Inspector Exam Will be of 150 Marks/ Questions.

The Time Duration of Exam will be 150 Minutes.

UKPSC Mines Inspector 2021 Recruitment Details

Recruitment Board NameUttarakhand Public Service Commission
Job RoleMines Inspector
Salary16500 – 35700
Application Fee100 – 250
Examination Conducted DateUpdates Shortly
Official Sitehttps://ukpsc.gov.in/
Application Last Date2021
Application FormatOnline
NotificationGet Here
Vacancies NoVarious Posts

UKPSC Mines Inspector 2021 Recruitment Education Qualification

Pass in SSLC or its equivalent examination.

In the case of difference in original caste/ community claimed in the application and that entered in SSLC book, the candidate shall produce a Gazette notification in this regard, along with Non Creamy Layer Certificate/ Community Certificate at the time of certificate verification.

Candidates who claim equivalent qualifications instead of qualification mentioned in the Notification shall produce the relevant Government Order to prove the equivalency at the time of verification, then only such qualification shall be treated as equivalent to the prescribed qualification concerned.

Method of Selection Procedure

The UKPSC Mines Inspector selection of the candidates shall be made on the basis of the Online Test/Written Examination and interview. The UKPSC Mines Inspector Online Test/Written Examination will be conducted in English or Any Languages. All the eligible candidates who apply with the requisite fee and whose applications are received in time will be called for the Online test/ Written Examination, which will comprise the following.

  • Online Test/ Written Examination

Note: Write UKPSC Mines Inspector examination Papers very cool and Honestly get better score with your cut off marks. Before examination don’t fear and get wanted things for Pen, Pencil, Scale, and more materials don’t forget your mind.

UKPSC Mines Inspector 2021 Study Materials

Every recruitment organization have their own written examination pattern, like some organizations arranged 2 papers some arranged 1 paper, duration of exam, number of questions, section wise subjects, whether negative marking provision or not, nature of exam (subjective/objective/both) so candidates require to understand all motif before appear any written examination. we are advised to use the given links to download the UKPSC Mines Inspector Exam Papers to increase their preparation level. Along with the UKPSC Mines Inspector Previous Year Papers, check UKPSC Mines Inspector Exam Pattern, Syllabus, and Selection Process in below page.

Syllabus for UKPSC Mines Inspector 2021

Mines Inspector


Introduction to Mining

Mineral resources of Uttarakhand; Minerals – their occurrences, production trend and uses.
Definition of common mining terms. Overview of unit operations in surface and underground mines.

Explosives: Types of explosives and blasting agents. Blasting theory and safety considerations. Priming, Charge distribution, Solid blasting. Testing of explosives.

Drivage of drifts and main development headings. Conventional methods: Drilling, blasting, loading and transport of muck. Auxiliary operation: Support, ventilation, drainage and lighting, Reinforcement for tunnel or drift.

Assessment of blast induced damages etc.

Mine Geology

Identification of common mineral, igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rock type. Structural Discontinuities: Strike and dip, fault, fold and joints. Ore Geology. Industrial and ore minerals, petrology, stratigraphy etc.

Mine Surveying

Levels and leveling, theodolite, tachometry, triangulation; Contouring; Correlation; Errors and adjustments; EDM and Total Station; GPS, Terrestrial and air borne laser scanner. Geodesy and field astronomy, Mine Plans and sections, Application of GIS and remote sensing. Statutory requirements. Calculation of area and volumes.

Surface and Subsurface Environment

Surface Environment: Air, water, noise and land pollution- Standards of quality, causes and dispersion of contamination, and control; Physiological effects. Land reclamation. EMP and EIA.

Subsurface hazards: Mine fires, Mine explosions, dust and inundation, Safety standards.

Mine Ventilation: Natural and Mechanical ventilation; Auxiliary ventilation. Ventilation networks for mines and tunnel.

Rock Mechanics and ground control

Physico-Mechanical properties of rock and soil. Rock mass classification; In-situ stress, Theories of rock failure. Stress distribution around mine openings. Mine Subsidence. Rock bursts.

Design of Rock support systems for tunnels and mine: Rock bolting, Cable bolting, Shotcrete and Roof stitching.

Slope stability and landslides: Types of slope failure. Analysis of slope failure. Factors affecting slope stability. Drainage and reinforcement of slopes. Monitoring of slopes. Stability of waste dump and rock slope.

Mine Machinery

Trackless Haulage: Types of conveyors and their applications. Free steered vehicles – shuttle cars, LHD, SDL and LPDT. Aerial Ropeways: Types, construction and installation. Loading, unloading and angle stations.

Mine Pumps: Types of mine pumps, Series and parallel operations of pumps. Borehole and submersible pumps. Slurry pumps.

Underground Face Machinery: Continuous miners, shearers, and powered supports.
HEMMs used in opencast mines: Constructions and operations.
Machinery Maintenance: Planned, preventive and predictive maintenance.

Underground Mining Method

Underground coal mining: Different coal mining methods, their applicability and limitations.
Underground Metal Mining: Different stoping methods, their applicability and limitations.
Basic concept of transportation, ventilation, illumination and support in underground mines.

Surface Mining

Classification of surface mining methods, Unit operations, Opening of deposits; Overburden removal; Basic layouts.

Different methods of excavations and transportation: cyclic/discontinuity method, semicontinuous method, continuous method. Dimensional stone mining.

Drilling and blasting in surface mine: Classification of drilling equipment, long hole drilling, mechanics of drilling, Design of blasting system, Controlled blasting techniques.

Transport: Dumpers, belt conveyers, in-pit crushing and conveying, high angle conveying. Optimization of shovel-dumper combination. Mine closure planning.
Strip mining, Placer mining, Mining of hilly ore deposits.

Mine Legislation and Safety

Development of Mining Legislations in India. Provisions of Mines Act and Mines rules. Coal Mines Regulations and Metalliferous Mines Regulations. Various mining laws related to lease grant and renewal. Environmental laws. Mineral concession rule.

Safety Aspects in Mines, Principal provisions of rescue rules, mine vocational training rules,
Safety management, Risk assessment and management.

Mine accidents Prevention and control, Safety audits etc.

Part – 2 : GEOLOGY:-

Physical Geology: Solar system and the Earth Origin, age and internal constitution of Earth. Basic concepts of geosynclines and isostasy. Plate tectonics-mountain building, seafloor spreading and Continental drift. Weathering, erosion, transportation and deposition by natural agencies. Earthquakes-distribution causes and effects. Volcanoes-types, causes, distribution and products.

Geomorphology: Basic concepts of Geomorphology. Cycle of erosion. Drainage patterns. Landforms formed by river, underground water, glacier wind and sea.

Structural Geology: Primary and secondary structures-lineation, foliation, folds, faults unconformities and joints; their description, classification and recognition. Mechanics of folding and faulting. Effects of fold and faults on outcrops. Nappes and geological windows.

Field Geology: Topographic, structural and geological maps. Representation of altitude, slope, strike and dip in topographic and geological maps. Clinometer Compass and its use. Criteria for the determination of order of superposition of beds.

Crystallography: Crystal, crystalline and amorphous substances. Morphological characteristics and crystal structures. Laws of crystallography. Symmetry elements and forms of the normal class of seven crystal systems. Crystal habits and twinning.

Mineralogy: Physical, chemical and optical properties of minerals. Isotropic and anisotropic substances. Birefringence, Pleochroism and extinction. Construction and uses of nicol prism.

Silicon-Oxygen, tetrahedral and classification of Silicates. Physical properties, chemical composition, optical properties and mode of occurrence of quartz, feldspar, feldspathoid, olivine, pyroxene, amphibole, garnet and mica group of minerals and calcite, tourmaline, zircon, sphene, staurolite, Kyanite, apatite and chlorite.

Economic Geology: Economic mineral deposits-metallic and non-metalliferous deposits, Ore, ore mineral and gangue. Processes of the formation and classification of economic mineral deposits. Mode of occurrence, distribution in India, genesis and used of gold, ores of iron, manganese, uranium, chromium, copper, aluminium, lead and zinc, mica, gypsum, magnesite, kyanite, diamond, coal and petroleum. Mineral wealth of Uttarakhand State. Elements of Mining Practices. Elements of mineral exploration.

Igneous Petrology: Magma-its composition and nature, crystallization of magma, Differentiation and assimilation. Bowen’s reaction principle. Mode of occurrence, texture, structure, mineralogy and classification of igneous rocks. Petrographic description of granite, granodiorite, syenite, dioirite, gabbro, dolerite, basalt, anorthosite and dunite.

Sedimentary Petrology: Formation of Sedimentary rocks. Primary sedimentary structures. Bedding, Cross bedding, graded bedding, ripple marks and sole structure. Texture and classification of sedimentary rocks: Residual, clastic and non-clastic (siliceous and calcareous deposits of chemical and organic origin). Origin and characteristics of Quartz arenites. Arkoses and graywackes.

Metamorphic Petrology: Agent and types of metamorphism, Textures, Structures, Zones, Grades, Facies and classification of metamorphic rocks. Petrographic description of quartzite, Phyllite slate, schist, gneiss, marble, amphibolite, khondalite and gondite.

Palaeontology: Fossils-conditions for Preservation and Modes of fossilization and uses. Broad morphological features and geological distribution of brachiopods, lamellibranchs, gastropods, cephalopods, trilobites, echinoids and corals. A brief study of Gondwana flora. Evolutionary history of horse, elephant and man.

Stratigraphy: Fundamental laws of Stratigraphy, stratigraphic classification and nomenclature. An outline geology of India and a brief study of the various geological systems with respect to their distribution, lithology, fossil content and economic importance. Stratigraphy of Uttarakhand Himalaya.

Note : Each Multiple choice question shall be of 02 Mark.

Cartographer, Surveyor, Technical Assistant Chemical, Technical Assistant Geophysics, Technical Assistant Geology, Librarian

खण्ड-1 सामान्य अध्ययन
प्रश्नों की संख्या : 90 पूर्णाक : 90

  1. सामान्य विज्ञान,
  2. भारत का इतिहास,
  3. भारतीय राष्ट्रीय आन्दोलन,
  4. भारतीय राज्य तंत्र, अर्थव्यवस्था एवं संस्कृति,
  5. भारतीय कृषि, वाणिज्य एवं व्यापार,
  6. जनसंख्या, पर्यावरण एवं नगरीकरण (भारतीय परिप्रेक्ष्य में),
  7. विश्व भूगोल तथा भारत का भूगोल और प्राकृतिक संसाधन,
  8. अधुनातन राष्ट्रीय तथा अन्तर्राष्ट्रीय महत्वपूर्ण घटनाक्रम,
  9. उत्तराखण्ड की शिक्षा संस्कृति, कृषि, उद्योग, व्यापार एवं रहन-सहन, भौगोलिक, राजनैतिक पृष्ठ भूमि एवं सामाजिक प्रथाओं के सम्बन्ध में विशिष्ट जानकारी,
  10. उत्तराखण्ड की सांस्कृतिक, आर्थिक व प्राकृतिक संसाधन तथा ऐतिहासिक पृष्ठ भूमि।

खण्ड-2 सामान्य बुद्धि परीक्षण
प्रश्नों की संख्या : 30 पूर्णांक : 30

सामान्य बुद्धिमता : इसके अन्तर्गत प्रश्न सामान्य बुद्धिमता से संबंधित जैसे शाब्दिक और गैर-शाब्दिक दोनों प्रकार के प्रश्न होंगे और इसमें सादृश्यों, समानताओं तथा अंतरों, स्थानिक कल्पना, समस्या, समाधान, विश्लेषण, निर्णय लेना, दृश्य स्मृति, विभेद, अवलोकन, संबंध अवधारणा, अंकगणितीय तर्क, शाब्दिक एवं चित्रात्मक वर्गीकरण, अंकगणितीय संख्या श्रृंखला आदि सम्मिलित होंगे। इसमें अभ्यर्थी की योग्यता का सामान्य विचार और संकेत और उनके संबंध, अंकगणितीय गणना तथा अन्य विश्लेषणात्मक कार्य आदि के प्रश्न भी शामिल होंगे।

खण्ड-3 सामान्य हिन्दी (सामान्य शब्द ज्ञान एवं व्याकरण)
प्रश्नों की संख्या : 30 पूर्णांक : 30

  1. विलोम (पाँच शब्द)
  2. वाक्य एवं वर्तनी शुद्धि (पाँच वाक्य)
  3. अनेक शब्दों के एक शब्द (पाँच शब्द)
  4. तत्सम एवं तदभव शब्द (पाँच शब्द)
  5. विशेष्य एवं विशेषण (पाँच शब्द)
  6. पर्यायवाची शब्द (पाँच शब्द)

Exam Pattern for UKPSC Mines Inspector 2021

Mines Inspector

  • The Screening Test Will be Objective Type.
  • The Time Duration of Written Exam Will be 02 Hours.
  • The Number of Question Will be 100 Questions & Max. Marks Will be 200 Marks.
  • There Will be a Negative Marking of 1/4 Marks.

Cartographer, Surveyor, Technical Assistant Chemical, Technical Assistant Geophysics, Technical Assistant Geology, Librarian

  • The Screening Test Will be Objective Type.
  • The Number of Question & Max. Marks Will be 150 Marks/ Questions.
  • The Time Duration of Written Exam Will be 02 Hours.
  • There Will be a Negative Marking of 1/4 Marks.
Name of SubjectsExam MarksExam Timing


100 Marks



1 ½ Hours (90 Minutes)

General Intelligence
General Awareness
General Science

UKPSC Mines Inspector 2021 Syllabus / Subject

Dear Candidates our blog mentioned your Written Test Syllabus for Subject wise also provided home page get read our website take your written examination details. Are you interesting for this examination conducted soon as possible from online / written examination centre. The subjects are Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning, English, General Knowledge. People who are seeking for the New UKPSC Mines Inspector Syllabus can get from here. You can also get Previous Papers on our page for free of cost. this paper will let you know the difficulty level of the examination.

UKPSC Mines Inspector 2021 Call Letter

The Candidates should provide correct e-mail address on which call letter will be issued. If the call letter is not delivered to the candidate due to providing wrong e-mail address, the Registry will not be responsible for the same.

Interview or Viva voce

The eligibility of the candidate, who is to be called for viva-voce, in view of the marks obtained by him/her in the screening test and typing test, shall be finally decided after scrutiny of the application, verification of documents and testimonials produced at the time of viva-voce. The candidates who are called for viva-voce shall produce all the original documents at the time of interview. If it is found that the candidate does not meet the eligibility criteria as per advertisement, then he/she will not be allowed for viva-voce (interview) and will be disqualified.

UKPSC Mines Inspector 2021 Answer Sheet

The candidate will be supplied carbonless O M R (Optical mark Reader) answer sheet consisting of two (2) copies the original copy and the duplicate copy below. Do not attempt to separate or displace them while answering without the carbon impression paper provided to the candidates. The candidate will be admitted to take the examination at the Centre specified in the Admission Certificate only and at no other Centre. The candidate has to indicate his response to each question by darkening the appropriate bubble with a Black Ball Point pen. No corrections with white fluid will be permitted.

UKPSC Mines Inspector Model Papers – General Knowledge

UKPSC Mines Inspector Past Papers – Reasoning

UKPSC Mines Inspector Old Papers – Aptitude

UKPSC Mines Inspector Solved Papers – English

Certificate Verification

In the examination hall, the call letter along with the candidate’s currently valid photo identity, in original, such as PAN Card/Passport/Driving Licence/Voter’s Card with photograph/Photo identity proof issued on original letter head by a Gazzetted Officer/People’s Representative or Identity Card issued by a recognised college/ University (valid in current year)/Aadhar card with a photograph/ Employee ID, should be submitted to the invigilator for verification.

Note: The candidate’s identity will be verified with respect to his/her details on the call letter and in the Attendance List. If identity of the candidate is in doubt the candidate will not be allowed to appear for the Online Examination.

  • 10th / 12th School Certificate
  • Mark Sheet from HSLC
  • School Leaving Certificate
  • Graduation Completed Certificate
  • Caste Certificate or Religion Certificate
  • Name or Photo ID Proof
  • Aadhar Card and License
  • Address Proof
  • Extra Activities Participate Certificate
  • Self-attested photocopies of Certificate
  • Registration Certificate
  • Experience Certificate

Note: Entry in the Compound of the Examination Centre with Mobile/Cell Phones, Tablets, Laptop, Electronic Gadgets etc., is strictly prohibited. A Candidate who is found breaching the abovesaid direction or found to be indulging in ‘unfair practices’, viz. copying or misconduct during the course of examination, using electronic gadgets or Mobile Phones, etc., tampering with Question and/or Answer Paper, influencing any person concerned with the Elimination Test or Written Examination or Viva-voce Test, will be debarred from appearing for Preliminary Examination (Elimination Test) or Main Written Examination or Viva-voce Test, as the case may be, for that Examination Process or for any number of years or permanently.

Merit List: Candidates qualifying the norms as prescribed in the advertisement will be called for Written Test / online test. Selection will be based on the marks secured in the Written Test / online test in the order of merit

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